Medya ve Din Araştırmaları Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi

The Center for Media and Religion Studies

Areas of Activity

Research initiatives in the field of media and religion in many European countries, and particularly in the United States, are usually organized around research centers and project groups. This kind of organization enables the relevant individual initiatives in the concerning field to become more integrated and interlinked, which broadens the scope of knowledge accumulation and provides them with a strategic outlook. Since the media and religion in our country are still a new area of ​​interest, it is considered that the initiative of establishing such a research center will make a significant contribution to the field, and furthermore it is evaluated that these kind of organized efforts, rather than individual initiatives, will prove to be an important factor in determining the development and the future of this field. The Center for Media and Religion Studies will carry out its activities in line with three main objectives: research, education and capacity-building in the field of human resources.

The need for capacity-building in the field of research and human resources requires bringing the international academic literature to the attention of national academia through collaborating with international research units in the field of the media and religion, providing medium and materials to the researchers through electronic databases and workshops in the media and religion studies, encouraging master's theses and their publications in the field of the media and religion and thus enhancing the structure of educational institutions by increasing competence of the personnel, undertaking publication activities for the enrichment of the scientific literature in the field of media and religion.

The Center will contribute to the efforts of developing awareness regarding the relation between the media and religion, as well as its educational value. The cornerstones in this matter consist of organizing courses and seminars in cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations in the field of media and religion, engaging in activities in order to add media and religion studies to undergraduate and graduate curricula of relevant faculties, and offering consultancy services by preparing reports to public institutions and non-governmental organizations active in the related field.

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